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New Patent Pillows - Applications | Formulation Notice
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 Posted: Tuesday September 13th, 2016 03:20 am



Product Information for water soluble pillows (including new Rinse Aid):
1-Alondra Laundry Detergent Powder Pillows:
·         Biodegradable anionic and non-ionic detergents for cleaning and transport of
          soil particles, oil emulsification, and wetting (improve the cleaning action of
·         Anti-redepositing agent: Allow the detergent-soil particles to stay dispersed in
          the washing solution until rinsed away. This way the soil does not deposit back
          into the fabric.
·         Alkalinity builder: Improves cleaning and emulsification, soften hard water, and
          prevent water hardness formation due to mineral from soil. This feature is
          specially needed for extra soiled fabric like sport uniforms.
·         Stain remover: A base amount of stain remover based on the action of oxygen. Releases in warm and hot water, and it is safe on color cloth (unlike chlorine bleach).
·         Add one Laundry Pillow to the drum and start the water, then add the cloth. If
          using a side loading HE machine, add the Laundry Pillow after the cloth has
          been loaded and start the water. Do not put the Laundry Pillow into the
          machine dispenser.
·         For use in top loading and HE laundry machines.
·         One pillow per large load (around 10 lbs. to 15 lbs. of cloth).
·         Stain removing can be enhanced by also adding an OxyHelp water soluble
          Pillow or a scoop of OxyHelp powder.
2-OxyHelp Water Soluble Powder Pillows (for Stain removal)

·         Alkalinity Builder: To help emulsification of oily soils
·         Sodium Percarbonate: Releases Oxygen upon heating. Oxygen is the main
          stain remover compound. It is safe on color fabric, non-toxic and will not
          corrode your equipment as chlorine bleach does
·         Non-ionic surfactant: Wetting agent (improves the cleaning action of water),
          and emulsifier.
·         Laundry: Add one OxyHelp Pillow with the Laundry Detergent and wash with
          warm or hot water.
·         Presoak: Add one OxyHelp Pillow to one to two gallons of hot tap water, stir
          with a spoon (avoid contact with skin and eyes). Immerse the stained fabric
          from one hour to overnight. Then launder as usual.
·         Carpet or other fabric:  Add one OxyHelp Pillow to one to two gallons of hot tap
          water, stir with a spoon (avoid contact with skin and eyes). Apply to the stain
          and let it work for one to two hours or until the stain is removed. Clean carpet
          as usual. Always try the product in an inconspicuous area of the fabric to test
3-Alondra Machine Dishwashing Detergent Powder Pillows:
·         Alkalinity Builder:  Helps dirt removal and emulsification of non-water soluble
·         Water Softening: Prevent deposition of hard minerals on ware
·         Biodegradable Detergents: Cleaner, Wetter and Emulsifier. Do not foam at the
          cleaning temperature of the machine
·         Oxygen Releasing Agents: Increases break down of soil, soften water, and
          decrease food stain on plastic. Unlike chlorine bleach, Oxygen does not affect
          rubber, plastic or aluminum components

Important: This product does not contain phosphate, silicates (to prevent etching of fine ware) or sandy water softening ingredients like Zeolite (which also causes etching of fine ware)

·         Put one Alondra Machine Dishwashing Detergent Pillow into the detergent
          dispenser of the machine.
·         Run the machine as usual. Best results with water temperature above 50 C
·         We strongly recommend the use of Rinse Aid when using this product for
          better  results (see Alondra Rinse Aid)

4-Alondra Rinse Aid for Machine dishwashing:

·         Wetting detergents and agents: Allow for better contact between water and
          ware. This process increases the rinsing out of any cleaning products used in
          the Dishwashing detergent

·         Acidity Builder: A biodegradable food grade acid lowers the pH of the rinse
          preventing adhesion of carbonate salts dissolved in water. This process
          eliminates spotting on the ware

·         This product does not coat the ware (glasses, eating utensils, etc.) like other
          national brands claim. The objective is to totally rinse out all chemical
          components of the dishwashing detergent and the Rinse Aid.

·         This product is also non-corrosive, so there is no additional corrosion inhibitors
          added. Corrosion inhibitors proponents claim that they help protect the
          equipment. This protection is accomplished by coating. We do not use any
          chemical coating to prevent leaving in on the eating utensils.

·         Remove the flip top cover of the Rinse Aid bottle and point it at the filling orifice
          of the rinse aid reservoir

·         Press the bottle to release Rinse Aid into the reservoir until it is full. Cap the

This process is not done every time the machine is run. The machine will use around 5 ml of Rinse Aid per run. A 16 oz. bottle is good for about 100 Rinse cycles
5-Alondra All Purpose Cleaner Water Soluble Pillows:

Anionic and non-ionic surfactants: Emulsify and remove dirt and oils from surfaces. Neutral pH for safety on stone. Non streak on glasses if used in small concentrations.

·         Add one pillow into the spray bottle

·         Fill the bottle up to 500 ml with hot or warm water, cap it and mix it by 
          inversion  until the pillow is dissolved

Note: If a stronger solution is needed more pillows can be added (up to 5) and dissolved in 500 ml

Important: DO NOT USE ON WINDSHIELDS. Although the product in non-streaking for glass tables and mirrors, it will leaves (specially in high concentrations) residues on windshields that will scatter sunlight making it unsafe to drive

Apply by spray and wipe process. Use for cleaning Kitchens, Counter tops, Appliances, Bathrooms, Floors (Spray and wipe or added a pillow to a bucket of water for ceramic and vinyl tile cleaning), Windows, Auto and Boats, Sporting goods, Furniture (dry after application of finished wood) (DO NOT USE ON UNFINISHED WOOD), Leather, Vinyl, Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastic
copy rights reserved, do not use this information for any other product, application, brands, patents. This information is reserved for our brands, patents, formulations, applications.

Royel Corp WET  - 773-590-0722

More info on new products, and development.


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