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Laundry Detergent Pillows - Alondra
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 Posted: Tuesday September 13th, 2016 02:06 am




Alondra Laundry Detergent Pillows.


·         Made with biodegradable ionic and non ionic surfactants
·         Safe for septic systems
·         7X concentrated against our regular liquid laundry detergent formulas
·         Formula proven to work for over 5 years of market tests. Works in
          conditioned and hard water
·         Most ingredients in the formula are listed in the US EPA CleanGredient list as
          safe for the environment
·         Use it in High Efficiency (HE), and Top Loaders laundry machines
·         Quantity of detergent to use one pillow per large size load
·         Formula compatible with chlorine- and oxygen-based stain removers
·         Works with colored and white fabrics
·         Works well in cold, warm and hot water applications
·         The water soluble film components are biodegradable
·         The outer packages are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable where
          facilities exists
·         7X concentration means lower cost of transportation, reflected in the
          customer’s cost reduction
·         7X concentration translates to less use of fossil fuels and less carbon emissions
Use advantages and disadvantages:
·         Pre-measured for large loads.  No extra detergent wasted
·         Easy to transport. Especially convenient for apartment building with laundry
          facilities out of the apartment, trips to the laundromat, college students, etc
·         No mess due to spills
·         A pillow dissolved in a small tray with water can be use for Hand Wash of fine
Disadvantage: Designed for large loads. Small loads will use more than the required detergent
For the Re-seller:
·         Add a new choice to your product arsenal
·         Consumable product translates to repeat sales
·         Work with one of the few companies that can supply these packages other
          than large corporations (we have a patent pending)
·         The formulas work in hard and soft water, so you can close a sale even if the
          conditioning equipment was not sold
·         Stay in contact with your customer or prospect by supplying necessary
·         Easy to deliver: the 154 pcs package can be shipped from our facilities (or your
          facilities) to any place in the continental USA for a low flat rate at a very
          competitive price
·         Private Label Programs Available

Increase your business reach. Ship a box anywhere in the continental US for $13 or less with USPS Priority Mail Box

Royel Corp WET International, Inc  -  Streamwood, IL  60107— Tel: 773-590-0722

Contact us for special re-seller pricing.


Want to purchase for use: $45.33 FREE SHIPPING - USA ONLY.

Quantity: Select - Add - Alondra Pillows (154 count)

Alondra Pillows - click to purchase.

Click link for purchase.

Copyright Reserved: Any information pertained in this listing is for our products, patents, applications use, where of our chemical engineering laboratory has completed all necessary procedures, testings, analysis, govern laws, trade marks, etc. Do not use this information for your own purpose or gain as this information pertains to our brands, formulations, insurance, services, etc.


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